Italian Wedding Soup with Cheesy Chicken Sausage Meatballs

Yield: 4-6 servings
  • Recipe by Chadwick Boyd
  • Prep Time
    10 min
    Cook Time
    30 min


    • 2 24 oz. containers of Garden Fresh Gourmet® Chicken Noodle with Kale Soup
    • ½ pound chicken sausage, casings removed
    • ½ pound ground turkey
    • ½ cup grated Romano cheese + more for garnish
    • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh kale (or Italian flat leaf parsley)
    • Salt and pepper as desired


      Place the Garden Fresh Gourmet® Chicken Noodle Soup with Kale in a medium sauce pan and heat on medium-high about 10-12 minutes. Let simmer on low until ready to serve. Place the remaining ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and mix together very well using a fork. Using clean hands, roll the meat mixture into small ½" meatballs. Place them on a small cookie sheet. Heat a large skillet on medium high. Place the meatballs in the skillet and brown 10-15 minutes. Stir every few minutes to ensure even cooking. Ladle the soup into small serving bowls. Drop 4-5 meatballs into the center of the bowl. Garnish with more Romano cheese as desired. Finish with the chopped kale. Serve immediately.

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